Beach Sheet Metal Company, Inc. offers most of our architectural metal products in copper, lead coated copper, pre patina copper, zinc, stainless, pre finished steel, pre finished aluminum and paint grip.

The photos below of our sheet metal and copper metal roofs represent some of our standard and custom products. To see our full standard product line, please click here to access our full color catalog pdf.

Please click on one of our metal roof photos below to view some of our products. Most products have a name and/or a product number assigned to them for easy communication to our sales associates.

Please call us at 972-226-4440 if you have a custom specialty design that is not one of our standard models. We welcome the opportunity to build it for you.

In the Texas area, Beach Sheet Metal Company also installs architectural metal roof systems. Pictured are a few of our recent installations. Please give us a call if we can assist you with a metal roof system.

Click on any photo to view a slideshow.

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  • Roof #56
  • Roof #57
  • Roof #58
  • Roof #59
  • Roof #60