Metal Tips From the Old World Craftsmen at Beach Sheet Metal Company

Tips For Realizing Your Showcase Vent Hood

Whether the design requires copper, stainless steel, zinc or ready to paint pre-primed steel, a little pre-planning helps make the process as simple as possible. Beach Sheet Metal can build a hood created by your designer or with your input generate a CAD drawing that fits the space.
  • Mounting hood to your structure requires the following:
    • With wall mounted hoods, it is preferred that 1/2" or 5/8" plywood be installed to studs for future attachment. The size and shape of this foot or wall print will generally have margins one inch smaller than the actual hood.
    • With island hoods, it is imperative that proper level blocking be installed at ceiling for secure later attachment.
  • Duct work and wiring: 
    • Duct size should be pre-determined by blower unit size.
    • Preferably, ducts should be entering top of hood and centered in unit as close as possible (less elbows create for a better smoke evacuation).
    • Proper wiring and location can be determined by hood size and blower requirements.
  • Hood design - (Things to keep in mind):
    • Generally architectural hood projects a minimum of 24" from wall. This is required to realize the proportional aspects of the design.
    • When deciding on the dimension from floor to bottom of hood, the chefs height should be considered. This consideration may require 6' to 6'8" above floor measurement.
  • Blower, light, filter, liner selection:
    • All liners come with lights and filters. The options are as follows:
      • Liners with internal blowers (generally more noisy).
      • Liners designed for inline blowers (less noise than internal blowers).
      • Liners designed for external blowers (generally the quietest and least amount of vibration).
    • Make sure the blower unit has sufficient CFM to evacuate the smoke.
Beach Sheet Metal would be proud to assist you with a handcrafted hood facade and add a touch of our craftsmanship to your project (home). We also build beautiful hand-hammered copper countertops.

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