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                                                          140  The Hanna
               when an unknown printer took a galley of type and           beautiful vent hoods that will be a unique
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                                                                           We fabricate our vent hoods with the lights
                                                                           and blower units completely assembled in
                                                                           our hoods so that they are ready to install
                                                                           and enjoy upon arrival.

                                                                           The hoods pictured represent examples of
                                                                           some that we have built for our customers
                                                                           throughout the United States.

                                                                           With your imagination, and the skills of our
                                                                           artisans, we can assist you in creating a truly
                                                                           amazing and unique vent hood.

                                                                              3  The Shaw

           79  The Horton                                                           143  The Naia

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