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1  The Stewart

                          61  The Provencial

           If you have a
           design that is
           not one of our
           basic models,
           we welcome the
           opportunity to
           build it for you.

                                                                         161  The Chapman
                                 11  The Normandy

            “Beach Sheet Metal fabricated and                    Beach Sheet Metal dormers are designed and
                                                                 fabricated to both enhance the architectural appeal
            installed sixteen (16) copper “Normandy”             of your project and to function as a source of attic

            model dormers and over 5,000 feet of                 ventilation or natural light by installing glass in place
            copper gutter and downspout (with                    of louvers.
            collectors) on my Luxury Townhome                    These units are totally self-supporting and are

            project – Highland Gates at Katy Trail in            designed to be installed without any additional
            2007. The products greatly enhanced the

            architectural appeal of the project and              Our dormers are designed with a tail and headwall
                                                                 flashing so that they can be installed in conjunction
            continue to perform superbly.”                       with whatever type of roofing material you may select.

            Chuck Barnett of Barnett West Custom Homes           The dimensions of these units may be adjusted to
            -  Dallas, TX                                        accommodate your special conditions.

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